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There is a lot of wisdom and beauty in intercultural, international and interlingual exchange. And what if this exchange takes place in one of the most beautiful surroundings possible?

We enjoy the most beautiful hikes in Switzerland as part of a diverse, multicultural group.

The hikes are guided in English, French or Spanish (depending on the language most of the participants are able to speak).

Are you joining?

I am out there testing the best hikes for you these days. I am looking forward to take you along in summer 2020.



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Samstag, 13. April 2019

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Hi, I am Tabi

I am the person behind THAT MOUNTAIN MOMENT.

I live in beautiful Switzerland and spend as much time as possible in nature and in the mountains. Preferably in good company and with climbing-, snowboarding-, trailrunning-, or mountaineering-shoes on my feet.

In Summer 2016 I solo-trekked all accross Switzerland. With just a tent in my pack and a backpack on my back. Since then I spend as many nights as possible outside.

In my professional and private live I've had the honour to accompany numerous journalists, influencers and friends on their journey through the mountains. And what I noticed again and again was that these MOUNTAIN MOMENTS make us feel better.

I am conviced that spending active quality time in nature makes us happier, healthier and more balanced. And I'd like to share this passion with you: through guided hikes and useful tipps and experience reports.

With this I want to encourage you and provide you with the necessary knowledge for you to experience your very own MOUNTAIN MOMENT.

In order to support you even better on your quest for this unique MOUNTAIN MOMENT, I am being trained to become a qualified Outdoorguide by spring 2020.

And you can benefit from this too: I will share my new experiences and insights with you on THAT MOUNTAIN MOMENT.

I am looking forward to hike with you!

Your advantages

Small groups

At THAT MOUNTAIN MOMENT we deliberately travel in small groups of up to 10 participants. This allows us to respond well to the needs of every individual hiking buddy.

Explored tours

I have hiked all the tours I offer several times. I know alternative routes and possibilities.

Different requirement levels

Overestimating oneself in the mountains can be dangerous - for the person himself, but also for the whole group. That's why I carry out hikes at different levels of difficulty.

Your part: Choose a hike that corresponds to your experience. In this way you make an important contribution to safety on the road.

Safety First

Step out of your comfort zone: Yes. Unnecessary risk: No! Your safety always has the highest priority! Whenever there are safety concerns, we turn back. If the weather situation is delicate, the tour will be postponed or adapted.

Packing Lists

Each MOUNTAIN MOMENT-Buddy receives a packing list and a map of the planned hike before departure. You are sure to be properly equipped.

well marked trails

All hikes take place on well-marked hiking trails (red-white-red). You will be amazed how much adventure awaits you on these trails.


Most tours are accessible by public transport. If not, I'll connect you with your hiking spönlis so you can carpool. Correspondence will be electronic whenever possible.

Which level is right for me?

At THAT MOUNTAIN MOMENT you will certainly find the level that suits you.

To make the selection easier for you, every hike is marked with the difficulty level easy, intermediate or advanced. So you can also make sure that the hike is not to hard for you.


1-2 hours pure hiking time.

Usually wide paths.

Around 200 metres of altitude difference.


3-4 hours pure hiking time.

Somewhat steeper and narrower mountain paths.

Around 500 metres of altitude difference.

Good basic condition and hiking experience advantageou


5-8 hours pure walking time.

Stony paths that require surefootedness.

About 1000 meters altitude difference.

Good physical condition and hiking experience required.

The magic of THAT MOUNTAIN MOMENT often lies outside of your comfort zone.

That's why our hikes take place in almost every weather. Of course only if there is no danger: In case of difficult conditions the tours will be adjusted or switched to another date.

The best MOUNTAIN MOMENT develop when we experience adventures as a team

Thats why we stick to the following rules during our hikes

We treat each other with respect.

We have packed our backpack according to the packing list and are well equipped.

We know our own state of health and fitness best and take personal responsibility.

We register for hikes that are realistic for our level of experience.

We support each other on the way.

We are aware that we are guests in the mountains and leave each place as we found it.

We take it with a sense of humor when something doesn't work out exactly as we wished.

And: We enjoy these moments outside with each other to the fullest